Culinary calendar
Worldcook's January seasonal recipes

These recipes are prepared with ingredients, which are widely available in January, at least from a Dutch or Western European perspective. A number of them will warm you up on a cold winter's day, and some are tied to a certain date, like Twelfth Night bread and cake. And some recipes are perfect after Christmas and New Year, when you are looking for a light dinner, having had enough of heavy meals with six courses. If you have decided to loose weight, do not let that refrain you from cooking these delicious dishes. The secret is in the quantity: skipping sweets and snacks in between is a better option.
In the shops and on the market there is fruit like tangerines and oranges, and apples and pears. Strawberries and raspberries are now imported and not half as tasty as in summer. Winter vegetables like carrots, cabbage and onions are abundant and good in a stew on a cold winter day.

Amish friendship
apple breed

Cabbage pie

Duck mandarin

Pea soup

Endives gratin

17 December 2009
Fish beignet


Twelfth night

Twelfth night

trout salad

Turnip soup


Pork with
apple sauce

White bean

Tangerine pie
      Cabbage salad
Cabbage salad
Venison ragout
Venison ragout
Sauerkraut with banana
with banana