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Spaghetti alla limone


Isapanakli gözleme
Spinach filled flatbread


Cook the spaghetti al dente and drain. In the meantime, heat the cream with the lemon rind and simmer for a few minutes. Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice and salt and fresh milled pepper to taste. Pour the sauce over the spaghetti and sprinkle with grated cheese.

This recipe originates from the Amalfi coast in the province Palermo, in the Campania region of Italy, where you will find an abundance of citrus trees.

Stir fry the spinach a few minutes and add salt to taste. Stir the flour through the cream and add this to the spinach, heat two minutes and stir well. Stir fry the onions and the garlic three minutes and add this to the spinach, as well as the dried tomatoes, the cheese and the chili powder. Fry the breads on both sides on a griddle or in a frying pan. Distribute the spinach over the breads and arrange the egg slices on top. Roll up the breads.

This is a recipe from the Aegean region in Turkey.

10 November is Day of Remembrance of Ataturk in Turkey. He died on the 10th of November 1938. He led the National Movement after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Click on culinary calendar for Links between cooking and worldwide history.