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Worldcook's Recipes with pineapple
Recipes with
other fruits
Banana pineapple mousse Cucumber pineapple sambal Pacri nanas Pineapple ice cream Pork on pineapple
  Chicken fruit salad Flying Jacob Papaya salad Pineapple jam Prawn pineapple curry  


Chicken pineapple curry Ginataan Penang asam laksa Pineapple mousse Rice salad  
  Chicken pineapple salad Lettuce with pineapple Pineapple Bavarian cream Pineapple peel drink Rudjak  
  Chili con carne Ma hor Pineapple beignet Pineapple relish Sauerkraut with pineapple  
  Chinese omelet Nasi kebuli Pineapple cake (Denmark) Pineapple sorbet

Sweet and sour chicken with litchi

  Crab toast Noodles with pineapple & prawns Pineapple cake (Hawaii) Pineapple tarte tatin Waldorf salad  
      Pineapple custard