Worldcook's Beef recipes


Apple stew Boeuf Bourguignon Hachee Milanesas Peanut beef curry


  Argentinean rib eye steak Boiled beef Hachis Parmentier Milanesas de carne picada Picadillo


  Beef curry recipes Bobotie Hamburger Minced beef and feta quiche Ragout  
Beef hash Carbonnades Flamandes Karni stoba Minced beef strudel Sauerbraten  
  Beef salad Chili con carne Kjöttkaker Mombasa curry Sauerkraut with banana  
Beef skewers with peanuts Dim sum meatballs Köfte Moroccan meatballs Sour meat  
  Beef stew with apples Lapskaus Manti Moussaka (Cypriot style) Shepherds pie  
  Beef Stroganoff Empanada Meatball recipes Moussaka (Egyptian style) Spaghetti with meatballs  
  Beef tenderloin & gorgonzola sauce Enchilada Meat loaf Mussaman curry Stewed beef with hazelnuts  
  Beef Wellington Filet Americain Meat loaf (2) Oriental meatballs Stoba  
  Beef stir fry with Amarula Filosoof Meat loaf with eggs Osso buco Stuffed roast beef  
  Beef with horseradish sauce Frikadelle Meat patties Pastel de choclos Swedish meatballs  
  Bergedel daging Frikadel with cherry sauce Meat pie Pastitsio Tournedos Rossini  
  Bigos Guyana pepper pot Meat sauce with rice Paupiettes de boeuf