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Worldcook's Mushroom recipes  


Banh khoai Chicken with red wine sauce Ginger chicken noodles Mushrooms with green onions Stir fried mushrooms
  Beef Stroganoff Chinese omelet Korean noodles Mushrooms with walnuts Stuffed roast beef  
  Beef with horseradish sauce Chow mien Kotleta pokrestyansky Octopus stew Stuffed squid


  Bigos Cod and prawn in cheese sauce Meat sauce with rice Pasta tetrazzini Sukiyaki  
  Boiled beef Cod with mushroom sauce Mushroom bread Pork fillet gratin Tagliatelle with mushrooms  
  Brik with mushrooms Coq au vin Mushroom chestnut quiche Pork with apple sauce Thit chung trung  


Cashew chicken Eggplant with anchovies Mushroom flan Pumpkin with coconut milk Tomato mushroom quiche  
  Chapoh'as Feuilleté aux morilles Mushroom gougère Sausage with cranberry sauce Tuna lasagna  
  Chicken breast with lemon Filosoof Mushroom pasta Singapore noodle salad Veal ragout  
  Chicken coconut soup Fish potato pie Mushroom pie Smoked salmon pasta Venison ragout  
  Chicken cream soup Fish with spinach sauce Mushroom salad Spinach mushroom quiche Vietnamese spring rolls  
  Chicken frigasse Hot and sour tofu soup Mushroom soup Spinach sauce Zürcher geschnetzeltes  
  Chicken Pontalba Hot and sour prawn soup Mushrooms with apple