Worldcook's Recipes with cabbage
  Acar Kapri Chinese cabbage Kim chi Red cabbage salad with brie  
  Bigos Cozido Laksa lemak Red cabbage salad with gorgonzola  
  Bergedel sayur Chop suey Liver pancakes Red cabbage with red currant jam  
  Bubble and squeak

Five spices quail

Lotek Sauerkraut (home made)  
  Cabbage fish dish Gado gado Nasi goreng Stuffed omelet  
  Cabbage pie (Luxembourg) Ginger cabbage beans Nilagang manok Sukiyaki  


Cabbage pie (Russia) Guisadong repolyo Olipodrigo Tonkatsu  
  Cabbage salad Half moons Omelet envelopes Thai beef salad  
  Cabbage salad with anchovies Jaganan Pork in ginger Ukrainian cabbage salad  
  Cabbage with chestnuts Kapisi pulu Prawns with broccoli Vegetable noodles  
  Carpaccio Karedok Red cabbage rolls    
  Chili beef salad