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Worldcook's Recipes with Potatoes
The potato originates from Peru and Bolivia; it arrived in Europe only in the 16th century. It became only popular by the end of the 17th century, when the wheat harvests got lost as a result of declining temperatures. After that, the potato traveled all over the world until finally the Belgians started sowing it in RD Congo; Dutch potatoes are still growing and popular there nowadays. The potato belongs to the family of Deathly Nightshade and is thus a poisonous plant; only the potato itself is edible. But that potato is relatively cheap and contains carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.
  Aligot Crocchette Lapskaus Potato dice Potato salmon pie  
  Alu chop Curry potatoes Latkes Potatoes and onions Potato soufflé  


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  Alu palak Dublin coddle Lemon garlic chicken Potatoes with bacon and egg Potato spinach gratin  
  Alu posto Egg curry Macaroni with prunes Potatoes with camembert Potato tartlet  
  Anna potatoes Eggs in nests Mashed potatoes & sesame seed Potatoes with dill & smoked salmon Potjebrajers  
  Apple potato cake English garden salad Moussaka (Cypriot style) Potatoes with leek sauce Prawns with corn  
  Apple stew Farmers bread Multi culti oven dish Potatoes with wine and cheese Rabbit in sour sauce  
  Ayam kurma Filosoof Mussaman curry Potato fish pie Rice and potatoes  
  Babka Fisherman's dish Neapolitan tuna salad Potato fritters Riefkoekjes  
  Bacon potatoes Fish potato pie New potatoes with olives Potato gratin Roast chicken  
  Bare bottoms in the grass French fries Paratha Potato herring pancake Rösti  
  Basque chicken Gado gado Pastel de papas Potato-orange croquettes Sauerkraut patties  
  Bergedel daging Gatto Pernod chicken Potato pancakes (Korea) Sauerkraut with banana  
  Bergedel sayur Grandmother's chicken Pesto chicken with spinach Potato pancakes (Ukraine) Sauerkraut with cheese sauce  
  Bombay potatoes Grandmother's potatoes Pizza with potatoes Potato patties Sesame potatoes  
  Bubble and squeak Grand aioli Pochero Potato pesto patties Shepherds pie  
  Cabbage pie Green banana curry Polish noodles Potato pie Smoked eel salad  
  Cauliflower and potato curry Green pasta Pommes Parisiennes Potato pie (Dutch) Smoked salmon potatoes  
  Chicken pineapple salad Hash brown potatoes Posto bora Potato quenelles Spanish tortilla  
  Cod al ajoarriero Hachis Parmentier Potato and sea fruit salad Potato rolls Stoba  
  Corn salad potato dish Hasselback potatoes Potato basket Potato salad (Dominican) Stuffed potatoes  
  Crab rösti Herring-potato snack Potato brandade Potato salad (Finnish) Stuffed tomatoes  
  Crab salad Huzarensalade Potato bread Potato salad (Nepal) Suzi ko pie  
  Creamy potatoes Jansson's temptation Potato cakes with smoked salmon Potato salad (Norwegian) Tartiflette  
  Creamy potato-tomato dish Kashmiri potatoes Potato casserole with eggs Potato salad recipes Vijfschaft  
      Potato croquettes Potato salmon dish